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PrecisionX Manual

Installing the battery

  1. Slide the battery case forward or back depending which direction you're looking at it.
  2. Place the CR2 batteries into the slots with one negative facing down while the other piece is opposite.

How to use.

PrecisionX has two modes. Green mode and General mode. 

Green mode - let you determine the distance between the holes.

  1. Press the Adjust / On button. Green mode is enabled by default.
  2. Align the base line on the screen with level on the green.
  3. Press again the ADJUST / ON button to lower down the scanning line to the top of the flag.
  4. It will come up with the distance in yards.

General mode - gives you the ability to measure the distance between the target and the object.

  1. If the device is turn off, press Adjust / On button then you will need to press the Mode button to be able to enter in General mode.
  2. Enter the height of the target and press again the MODE button to read the min. distance
  3. Align the baseline on the screen using the ADJUST / ON button then it will indicate the distance between you and the target.